BB Precision Inc Is a service based company that is trying to fill the void in Can Seamer knowledge.

Many technicians have retired and the Industry has very few qualified technicians to help companies with service, training, rebuilding, and parts. BBP will address these Seamer and can line related problems by using our 25 years of experience along with resources from other company's such as equipment, and dealers around the US and overseas.

Liquidating your equipment

Liquidating your equipment is also a benefit for our customers. We work with you to determining the value of your used canning equipment and we find a buyer so you can reinvest and upgrade your equipment. Let us help upgrade your personal's knowledge on all aspects of the double seam and your Can line seamers. Let us help you upgrade your Company. We are always open to answer any question you have because this is what we do!

Can Seamer Service and Repair

We specialize in Canco & Angelus Machines. Seamer Service, training, repair, rebuilding. We service all domestic and overseas locations.